Magdi’s Massage is Out of This World! When I arrived at her studio, I was tired, overworked, under slept, physically and mentally exhausted. I knew I was in good hands, once a saw her, glowing, full of energy; I was welcomed with open hands and heart, she was ready to help me with my pain. Her touch is firm, her moves are smooth, I immediately fell into a deep relaxation. I knew I made the right choice, I knew I was in good hands. Magdi is a natural and also a very skilled massage therapist. She discovered areas in my body I didn’t even know I had discomfort in. It felt like time stopped and she created a healing bubble, wrapped me in warm towels and mist of eucalyptus and lavender. Her studio is enchanted, her table soft and warm. At one point I was wondering to myself if I will ever be able to get off her table. I arrived stressed, Magdi healed my body, filled up my soul and created an experience that you never forget. She takes you on a journey on her massage table that will heal and revitalize you at the same time. The prefect treat for yourself or your loved one!