Magdi and his Serenity Space or truly remarkable. She has always been my go to masseuse whenever I need a deep tissue massage. she’s attentive and consistently adjust the pressure based my needs. I always come away feeling like I’ve just received the best person attention. The pinched nerve in my neck feels better and lasts with me. She just knows how to get to it. The space is warm and inviting and instantly you feel relaxed and you know you’re in the right place in the right hands. I just tried a new Thai Massage. All I can say is book one now! This was incredible. I told her this message will now be my addiction. I have never felt so good after a treatment. She gently stretched my body and applied pressure getting out all the tightness I had. I cannot say enough about this massage or Magdi. I do not write Google reviews, however, getting yet another fantastic message from her, i felt compelled to. She’s that good. Wonder woman with her technique. Can not wait until I go back. The hardest decision will be deciding which massage book.