Thai Bodywork is one of my favorite therapies to provide – it’s truly remarkable and deeply soothing. In this style, I blend compressions, holds, and stretches to enhance your flexibility and invigorate your organs. I’ve trained in this time-honored healing art and can’t wait to offer you a caring and transformative experience right here at Serenity Space Massage. I’ve created a cozy, inviting atmosphere for you to unwind in and explore the benefits of Thai Bodywork.

What is Thai Bodywork?

Often called “dry massage”, Thai Bodywork is a fully clothed massage experience performed on a large, thick floor mat with a heat pad, rather than a traditional massage table. Using my hands, arms, legs, and feet, I apply compressions, holds, and stretches to guide your body through a slow-paced, deeply relaxing session. Strategically placed heat packs ensure you remain warm and comfortable as you lay on your back and side throughout the treatment.

Thai Bodywork at Serenity Space Massage:

I am dedicated to offering a personalized and calming Thai Bodywork experience. By evaluating your individual needs, preferences, and objectives, I can tailor the session to deliver the most advantageous results.

I will lead you through a series of gentle movements and stretches, making sure you feel at ease and supported throughout the process.

Benefits of Thai Bodywork:

Thai Bodywork provides a wealth of benefits that contribute to better well-being and overall health. Some key advantages of this unique therapy include:

1. Enhanced flexibility: The gentle stretches and manipulations performed during Thai Bodywork can help boost your flexibility and range of motion, fostering better joint health and mobility.

2. Revitalized organs: The compressions and holds applied during the session can stimulate the organs and improve circulation, promoting optimal functioning and detoxification.

3. Profound relaxation: The slow-paced, nurturing nature of Thai Bodywork offers a deep sense of relaxation, helping to decrease stress and anxiety levels.

4. Balanced energy flow: Thai Bodywork is grounded in the principles of traditional Thai medicine, aiming to harmonize and strengthen the flow of energy throughout the body, encouraging overall well-being and vitality.

Supporting Treatments

To further enrich your Thai Bodywork experience, consider incorporating additional treatments or therapies, such as:

1. Aromatherapy: Integrating essential oils into your Thai Bodywork session can establish a calming atmosphere and provide extra relaxation benefits.

2. Reflexology: This focused therapy can complement Thai Bodywork by targeting specific areas of the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to organs and systems within the body.

At Serenity Space Massage, I also provide customized treatment courses designed to address your unique needs and wellness goals. Together, we can develop a personalized plan that encourages optimal healing and relaxation.

Thai Bodywork is an extraordinary and rejuvenating therapy that not only improves flexibility and stimulates the organs but also instills a sense of deep relaxation and harmony within the body. At Serenity Space Massage, I take pride in delivering a personalized and nurturing Thai Bodywork experience, tailored to your needs in a welcoming and cozy environment.

Embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation by booking your session today, and allow yourself to be immersed in the healing power and timeless wisdom of this ancient practice.

Hello, I’m Magdi

I’m a certified and licensed massage therapist in the beautiful town of Telluride, I am truly passionate about massage therapy as it allows me to channel healing energy into the mind, body & soul of my clients.

This holistic approach not only brings physical relief, but also fosters emotional and spiritual well-being

Magdi is a real professional with a depth of knowledge and experience! I enjoyed a 90 minute Thai massage. Magdi uses ...
Ma Wagner
Magdi is a real professional with a depth of knowledge and experience! I enjoyed a 90 minute Thai massage. Magdi uses a whole body to stretch, massage to help reduce muscle tension. After she finished working on one side of my body it felt markedly more relaxed. By the end of the treatment I felt as though I was melting to the floor. She also uses heat. Hot rocks were placed on my hands, heating pads in my body and warm booties on my feet. It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend!
Ma Wagner
Ma Wagner